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'A fast-paced tale of danger, adventure and drama ... deeply steeped in historical fact, and with real characters from the past.'

Mark Williams.

Two boys meet on a voyage that transforms their lives.

Madu, a young African, is captured by the English slave-trader, Sir John Hawkins. Tom Oakley is a young sailor in charge of the slaves. At first the two boys hate each other. But when their roles are reversed, and both boys are enslaved, thousands of miles from home, they learn that only by combining their efforts do they have any chance of freedom.

This book is a WINNER of the Kindle Book Award 2014

A fast-moving drama based on real historical events. History as you never learned it in school!

‘I read this book in one sitting. I could NOT put it down! I felt like I was watching a movie unfold that kept me absolutely riveted from beginning to end.’ Jesse Norman.

‘Tim Vicary’s clear and fluent style is, as always, a delight to read and his research is impeccable. The world he presents is utterly believable, his characters live and breathe. An emotional roller-coaster of a book.’ Author Jenny Twist.