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Hello. I’m Tim Vicary  and this website is about my books, and other things – such as dogs, the joys of self-publishing, interviews with famous authors, occasional reviews, and whatever else comes to mind.

As far as my own books are concerned, there are three crime novels about a barrister called Sarah Newby, and her admirer, detective Terry Bateson.  They face a series of shocking, difficult and sometimes violent cases, both in the courts and out of them. You can read these e-books – A Game of Proof, A Fatal Verdict, and Bold Counsel – on the Amazon Kindle, where you can sample the first few chapters FREE.

There are also four historical novels.  The Blood Upon the Rose is about a young aristocratic Irish girl who falls in love with an IRA volunteer in 1920, during the war for Irish independence.Cat and Mouse is about a militant suffragette and her sister, who are involved in the fight for women’s rights in 1914, just before the First World War – the same period as the TV programme Downton Abbey. The third book, The Monmouth Summer is about a young Protestant girl and her father who are involved in the rebellion of 1685 against the Catholic King James II. The fourth, Nobody’s Slave, is an adventure story (based on real events) about two teenage boys, one African and one English, who are caught up in the Elizabethan slave trade in 1568. You can sample the first few chapters of these books FREE on your Kindle too.

I also write shorter books for foreign students of English.  In 2010, my short book Titanic won first prize in its category from the Extensive Reading Foundation, and in 2011 my book The Everest Story was also a winner. You can read more about these shorter books in the Thrillers and True Stories pages on this site. In these books, I try to write a good, interesting story in very simple, clear English. I think it works, because many thousands have been sold all over the world.  My latest book in this series, Dinosaurs, came out in April 2012.